Lazy Sunday Morning...

Cheese, chili, onions & coriander as medicine.

Sorry for the long absence; am currently on my study break preparing myself for an exam so impossible they make you take it only once a year.

Quite generous compared to the hurdles they make you jump every 2 weeks, this exam is BIG!

"Yeah, got time to cook but no time to call"
- Mum

Will be back in full-swing in September after my OZ holidays; till then, don't forget to call your mum.

The Reading Habit

An Introuction

Hello & welcome, from me to you.

Talking Shop:
If you talk shop, you talk about work matters, especially if you do this outside work.

But anything goes really.

Hope it's as pleasing on your eyes as it was for me typing it out.

Thank you & enjoy.

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