Love From Above


A word so familiar to many of us, experienced by most of us; it's the core of our emotions & is the double-edged sword that aspires us to greater & greater heights, or saps us into the ground & keeps us there.


I will not teach a bird how to fly, nor will I talk to you about love; It's an axiom that needs no further explanation.


Love From  Above.
Now that's a different matter all together.

It doesn't matter what religion you profess or subscribe to; I'm no preacher & 'to each his own' as they say.

Today has been a day that seemed out of the ordinary; Manipal is not only known for its extreme faculty members & food (Mamak Mee Goreng is manis, Nasi Pattaya die tak berselimutkan telur goreng & here is the only place where you'll find soy sauce that's sour. I can continue this list but takut pitam pulak), Manipal is also known for its extreme weather.

"WHOTT yhu mhean bai y-extreeeme mhaaaan?"
*Use Indian accent liberally here for best effect*

Let's just say the only seasons experienced here is Summer & 'Super-Special-FanTAStic-Exclusive Summer'. Allow me to digress for a while: Indians are proficient in the use of expletives to convey their sentiments about how 'special' something is, regardless if the item in mention was 2 pats of cow dung which came from the same cow, but since we've added the prefix 'special' to one of it ; it has become super-special-magical cow dung. This play of words also applies to situations that involve bargaining & trade:

"Sarrr (Sir), that shoooe looks realllllyyy good on you; the blue & the orange colour give you a veeeery 'cool' look."

The moment a local Indian in a tight orange shirt with bell-bottomed dress pants & slippers tell you that you look cool in something, you KNOW you're in trouble!

"If you buy noooow *jiggles head on multiple axis to appear more convincing*, I'll give you SPECIAL price"

The moment he finishes that sentence you know that that's a huge load of bullshit. Even 2 pats of cow dung cant compare.

Anyways, Manipal is known for its extreme weather; if it rains it rains alot. Plan on getting soaked 6 days a week every morning on your way to & back from classes. Mouldy clothes & shoes are also thrown in as a complimentary gift to complete your rainy season experience. And if it's the dry season, expect zero rain for weeks on end & dust to decorate the interiors of your house & respiratory tract.

But today was an unusual day.

It's the dry season but rains have come as if the clouds are incontinent or suffering a bout of diarrhea & 'maut' winds 'blow like anything' (this is a local Indian proverb used to signify extreme action). Cyclone Phyan has landed on the shores of India from the Arabian Sea carrying with it water, wind & fury.

Basah lagi la aku pagi ni.

A freak wind storm caused quite a scare in Manipal tonight because usually the only potentially fatal wind at this hour are those released from the undisciplined anus of barbaric housemates.


Jokes aside, this cyclone is dangerous stuff. Facebook reports that several people almost met with an accident & trees dancing due to the might of the freak winds. You can find everything on Facebook nowadays; FB is the new CNN.

I guess the cyclone screwed up with my building & caused some structural damage too.

The clock pointed to 11 pm; singing practice was over & it was time to go home. Cheery mood & laughs all around, we bid our goodbyes & made our way back.

A nice slow drive home, raincoat flapping in the wind. Motorbike dies a few times due to the cold weather. I curse like a sailor in the hopes that it'll warm up the engine, but all it did is panaskan hati je.


I reached home, avoiding the random cow attempting to cross the road, before entering my apartment's compound & gliding into a parking spot. By the sides of the generator I walk, turning right to reach the stairs & made my way up.

Barely 2 steps left before I reach the top of the stairs, a loud crash was heard below me.

said the security guard.

A large circular piece of plaster ceiling was in pieces all over the floor that I was at barely 2 seconds ago.

Masyallah. Allah is Great.

I was speechless. I was astounded. Had I been 2 seconds late, or maneuvered around the crossing cow in a bit more complex & elaborate manner, I might have been in time & right on the 'X' where the plaster ceiling fell. Concussion, hemorrhaging, any number of CNS manifestations could have afflicted me. Heck, instead of being the one interviewing the patients of the Psychiatric Ward, I could have been easily the one answering those questions should the head trauma be so severe.


Despite all my sins; Allah you still love me & I love you too. One can't help but to be thankful to the Creator, for He is the one whom has created us & decides our fate. We may sometimes turn our backs on Him, but never will He ever turn His back on us.

Love From Above.

Is what you've shown me tonight Allah.

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